Monday, March 29
Yesterday's Results
Vanderbilt Line Scores
16, 8, 4, 2

Open Swiss Team champs: Piotr Gawrys, Sam Lev, Michal Kwiecien, Michael Polowan, Chris Willenken (back) and Jacek Pszczola.


Pszczola wins Open Swiss

The multinational squad captained by Jacek Pszczola needed a blitz in the last round of the Jacoby Open Swiss Teams to catch the defending champions in the event led by Peter Bertheau, and that’s exactly what happened.

Pszczola, playing with teammates Michal Kwiecien, Piotr Gawrys, Sam Lev, Michael Polowan and Chris Willenken, had a score of 116 at the end of the next-to-last round. The Bertheau team of Fredrik Nystrom, Christal Henner-Welland, Michael Kamil, Fulvio Fantoni and Claudio Nunes finished their final match early and reported a score 134.

Therefore, for Bertheau to finish second it would require the Pszczola — the only team within striking distance — to win by enough to earn at least 19 Victory Points.

Pszczola over-achieved, blitzing their last-round opponents to grab the top spot with a final score of 136.

Fantoni, Nunes tops
in points won here

Fulvio Fantoni and Claudio Nunes of Italy, reigning World Open Pairs champions, tied for first in the battle for the Mott-Smith Trophy, awarded to the player who scores the most masterpoints at the Spring NABC.

They won the Open Pairs II ,finished second in the Jacoby Swiss Teams and tied for ninth in the Vanderbilt. The leaders:

1 363.82 Fulvio Fantoni
    363.82 Claudio Nunes
3 329.97 Ralph Katz
4 310.00 David Berkowitz
    310.00 Larry Cohen
6 255.39 Giorgio Duboin
7 253.36 George Jacobs
    253.36 Alfredo Versace
9 250.00 Lorenzo Lauria
    250.00 Norberto Bocchi
11 228.25 Richard Schwartz
12 208.89 Michael Becker
13 207.77 Peter Boyd
    207.77 Steve Robinson
15 203.32 Michael Polowan
16 198.26 Kit Woolsey
198.26 Fred Stewart
18 197.82 Chris Willenken
19 190.70 Eddie Wold
    190.70 Mike Passell
21 187.78 Michael Rosenberg
22 185.80 Michal Kwiecien
    185.80 Jacek Pszczola
24 183.15 John Stiefel
25 175.07 Malcolm Brachman
26 174.76 Gawrys Plotr
27 173.22 Shome Mukherjee
    173.22 William Hunter
29 159.94 Martin Fleisher
30 159.90 Michael Kamil
31 159.44 Joe Grue
    159.44 Curtis Cheek
33 157.41 Paul Soloway
34 157.18 Walter Fontaine
35 156.00 Bjorn Fallenius
    156.00 Roy Welland
37 154.76 Zia Mahmood
38 153.71 Jeff Meckstroth
39 152.18 Peggy Sutherlin
40 151.84 Dennis Dawson

New Spring record

Reno 2004 smashed the record for Spring NABCs with 14,954.5 tables, topping Reno 1998 which had 13,996.









They won the Women’s Swiss Teams: (seated) Karen Allison and Peggy Sutherlin; (standing) Kathy Sulgrove and JoAnn Sprung.

Sulgrove takes
Women’s Swiss

Kathy Sulgrove last won a national championship in 1984 and then gave up the game for almost two decades. She came back with a force, leading her squad to victory in the Machlin Women’s Swiss Teams. Playing with Sulgrove were JoAnn Sprung, Peggy Sutherlin and Karen Allison.

The foursome — which featured the first-time partnership of Sulgrove and Sprung — posted a final score of 137.25.

In second with 131.72 was the team of Valerie Westheimer (captain), Judi Radin, Mildred Breed, Shawn Quinn, Cheri Bjerkan and Stasha Cohen. The Westheimer team finished with 131.72.

Sulgrove won the Mixed Pairs in 1984 (San Antonio) with the late Larry Rock. She stopped playing completely for eight years because of work.

Sulgrove played sporadically after that, and has only recently returned to national-level play.

In third with 108.15 were Jill Levin, Sue Picus, Debbie Rosenberg and JoAnna Stansby.

D10 pair wins
NAP Flight B

The District 10 duo of Dayn Beam and Jim Alison are the new North American Pair Flight B champions.

Beam and Alison both live in Huntsville AL, and both are lawyers. They have previously played in several NAP Flight C contests, and in one they finished second.

This is the fourth time the pair has played in the Flight B championship.“We finally got it right,” said Beam.



Winners of the North American Pairs Flight B were Dayn Beam and Jim Alison.

This is also the last NAP Flight B in which the pair will play since Alison has surpassed the 2000- masterpoint threshold.

In second, less than a board behind, was the District 12 pair of Jacqueline DeRouin of Okomos MI and Jan Garthe of Suttons Bay MI.

North American Pairs Flight C champions
Daniel Wilderman and Ryan Connors.

NAP Flight C title
goes to D24

A late appeal in the North American Pairs Flight C pushed the District 24 pair of Daniel Wilderman and Ryan Connors into first place.

Wilderman, 26, lives in New York City and works for a hedge fund company. Connors, 25, also lives in New York and is a law student at NYU.They have been playing together for a year.

Less than a board back was the District 3 duo of Jacek Leznicki of Verona NJ and Jerry Owczarek of Union NJ. Leznicki and Owczarek were the 2002 NAP Flight C champions.

Wittes passes 15,000

Jon Wittes of Palm Desert CA, a world champion in 1986 when he won the World Mixed Pairs, went over the 15,000-point mark in the NABC Open Swiss, in which he placed seventh.