ACBL Laws Commission Minutes



Ralph Cohen, Chip Martel, Co-Chairmen

Karen Allison, Ron Gerard, Sami Kehela, Henry Lortz,

Dan Morse, Beth Palmer, Jeff Polisner, Eric Rodwell,

George Rosenkranz, Bobby Wolff


Chris Patrias, Secretary

Rich Colker, Marvin French, Olin Hubert, Matt Smith, Linda Trent


The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m.

The minutes of the meeting in Kansas City were approved as amended.

Ralph Cohen reminded the Commission that revision of the Laws would be addressed at the Summer 2002 WBF Laws Commission and that the ACBL Laws Commission should have their suggestions prepared well before that time.

The Commision discussed revising the Scope of the Laws. Chip Martel suggested that wording should exist that says the Laws are designed to encourage correct procedure as well as stating that offenders will not gain from incorrect procedure. Bobby Wolff felt that the wording of some laws may be out of date and that new players, who have no historical reference, may not be able to completely understand their meaning or purpose.

Mr. Terzian=s letter was recieved and discussed. The sense of the Commission was that the viewpoint of the letter represents a basic misunderstanding of the Law. The problem with Mr. Terzian=s position is that the attempt of the Laws to cure is more at focus than the illness. It should be recognized that situations of unauthorized information will always exist and that, while there will never be a perfect solution, the laws are designed to limit damage to the non-offenders.

The Jared Johnson matter was referred to ACBL management.

Ralph Cohen offered congratulations to Sami Kehela on his induction to the ACBL Bridge Hall of Fame.

Jeff Polisner raised the issue of moving to a philosophy of "a card laid is a card played". He stressed that it would not apply to obviously inadvertent actions. Chip Martel voiced his opposition to moving in this direction.

Ralph Cohen reminded the members to send suggested revisions of the Laws to ACBL headquarters so that he would be able to bring them for discussion at the WBF Laws Commission meeting in Bali.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:40 a.m.