ACBL Laws Commission Minutes

KANSAS CITY, MO      17 MARCH, 2001


Chip Martel, Co-Chairman

Karen Allison, Ron Gerard

Amalya Kearse, Dan Morse

Jeff Polisner, Eric Rodwell

George Rosenkranz, Peggy Sutherlin

Bobby Wolff


Chris Patrias, Secretary

Gary Blaiss, Rich Colker

Marvin French, Olin Hubert

Alan LeBendig, Matt Smith

Linda Trent, Adam Wildavsky

Howard Weinstein


The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m.

Gary Blaiss explained that Ralph Cohen was unable to attend because of a sudden illness. All those present expressed their wishes for Ralph's complete and speedy recovery.

The minutes of the meeting in Birmingham were approved.

Bobby Wolff asked the Commission to discuss three concepts:

1) Should some partnerships always be held to a standard of mistaken explanation rather than mistaken bid?

2) Should an effort be made to regulate psyching of natural calls for those partnerships that may have implicit understandings?

3) Should the psyching of all conventional calls be barred?

The Laws Commission was generally not in favor of these items but favored the idea of allowing more leeway to a Sponsoring Organization in regulating partnership agreements.

The working version of the laws for Bridge On-Line were approved. It was suggested that the ACBL look at the work that the WBF has done in this area.

The Laws Commission would be in favor of a proposal to change Law 68.D. so that the play of the hand could continue under certain circumstances.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:50 a.m.