Unit #193

Ray Andersen President, 
(812) 853-0881

Unit 193


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District 11

New Board of Directors Elected Nov. 21


Southern Indiana and ...

Western Kentucky




2003 Ace of Club Winners


2003 Mini-McKinney Winners


Owensboro Sweetheart Swiss
February 12-13



Minutes of Unit Meetings

February 2004

July 2003

September 2003 

October 2003

December 2002

Unit meetings precede the Sunday game at each tournament.  A free breakfast is served.  All unit members are welcome to attend. The only requirement is that you must sign up.  Just submit your name to any club manager or club president or the unit secretary, Marcie Harding.

Deadline for the Midwest Monitor - February 25, 2005

Remember to send your news items to Marvin Lawson, mblawson@bellsouth.net or email marcieh@sigecom.net.  


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