Versus an opening bid of 2C which shows either a strong hand or a weak 2 in diamonds

Rating: 2 boards per segment/round

Double = 13-15 balanced or big hand.
2D = Takeout double of diamonds.
Bids of 2H or higher should be played as you now play versus a weak 2D.

This includes follow-up auctions:

After: 2C - Pass - 2D:

As over a weak 2D opening.

After: 2C - Pass - 2M or 3 of any suit:
Double = Takeout.
Overcalls = Natural.
After: 2C - Pass - 2D - Pass - Pass:
Double = Penalty.

After: 2C - Double - Pass:
Pass = Neutral, could be just a weak balanced hand.
2D = Cuebid, does not promise a rebid.
2H or 2S = Natural to play.
2NT = Natural invitational.
3X = Natural invitational.

After: 2C - Double - 2D:
Double = Responsive. Bids of 3D and higher by doubler show the big hand.
2H = Natural to play.
2S = Natural to play.
2NT = Natural invitational.
3C, H, S = Natural invitational.
3D = Game forcing cuebid.

After: 2C - Double - 2D - Pass - Pass:
Double = 19+ balanced.
Bids = Natural and strong.
Jump bids = Natural and forcing.