Minor Suit Namyats

Rating: 2 boards per segment/round

Our opening 4 NTbid shows a strong opening of 5 in a minor. The bid is forcing and is used in conjunction with natural 5 of a minor preempts, which show lesser hands.

Recommended possible, direct defensive actions include the following :
X - Major suit takeout
5 of a suit- Natural
5Nt - Slam worthy two suiter

Recommended possible delayed defensive actions include the following :

X Three suit takeout
5 of a suit Two suit takeout including a minor
5Nt- Slam worthy two suiter including a minor

All initial actions, except natural overcalls, suggest enough defensive strength to defeat a five level contract and create a forcing auction. Subsequent suit bids are natural and forcing; subsequent doubles are penalty; and Q-bids promise controls. Where an initial bid shows an indeterminate two suiter, subsequent bids are pass or correct.