Versus 2S opening which is a preempt in a minor

Rating: 6 boards per segment/round

Double = 13-15 or good 18+ balanced or unbalanced.
Note: No direct bid for a 3-suiter exists, usually you pass and make a takeout double later. However, with an 18+ 3-suiter you may double directly to guard against a pass of 2S

2NT = 16-18 (Respond as to a 2NT opening).
3C = Majors (3D asks for 5-card suit, bid singleton with 5-5 and extras).
3D = Hearts. Bid 3H if you would pass a 3H overcall; 4C = cuebid.
3H = Spades. Bid 3 S if you would pass 3 S overcall; 4C = cuebid.
3S = Shaped hand with minor. Responses:
3NT = To play.
4C = To play 4C or 4D.
4D = Asks for minor.
Responses: 4H = clubs. - 4S = diamonds.
3NT = To play with minor (6-3-2-2 or 7-2-2-2).
After 2S - Double - (Pass=spades): Bid as after a takeout double of a weak 2S.
After 2S - Double - 3X:
Pass = Non-forcing on a 13-15 HCP doubler.
Double = Responsive.
Suit = Natural and invitational.
4X = Cuebid.
After 2S - Double - bid - Pass - Pass: or
After 2S - Double - Pass - Pass - bid:
Double = 18+
Suit = Natural, 18+.
Cuebid = 3-suiter, short in their suit, 18+.
2S - Pass: Later doubles by second hand are takeout of suit doubled, 11-17.
2S - Pass - Pass: All bids are the same as in immediate position except that
point count is a bit lower. Similar continuations apply.
2S - Pass - 2NT: Bid as to a 2NT which shows a minor preempt.
2S - Pass - natural suit: Bid as to an opening 3-bid.
2S - Pass - 3 or 4 of minor which is pass or correct: Double is takeout, suits natural.